Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Your Teacher Loves Wikipedia, Part 2 - Creating an eBook

Earlier I had written a post called, "Your Teacher Loves Wikipedia" to highlight how Wikipedia is a great place to start (but not finish) your research.

Today I found this fantastic guide on how to create an eBook from Wikipedia articles. By using visuals, this guide demonstrates step-by-step how to generate an eBook. Students can gather, discuss and analyze the information they find on Wikipedia. EBook creation is a form of content curation. In this case, it is limited because students would be only using one source. But this compilation would form the exploratory step of their research. Also, if teachers need their classes to do some background reading on a topic, they can use this tool to gather factual material for their students.

I'd love to collaborate with other educators to think about how to leverage Wikipedia in student research. We should discuss with students what a wiki is, its benefits and its pitfalls. We need to recognize that Wikipedia is a valid starting point in research, a way of developing critical thinking skills and a launchpad for further inquiry.

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