Friday, 2 August 2013

Groupwork? Meh.

"I am a horse for a single harness, not cut out for tandem or teamwork...for well I know that in order to attain any definite goal, it is imperative that one person do the thinking and commanding" (Cain 71). -Albert Einstein

"Work alone" (Cain 73). -Steve Wozniak

"Society is itself an education in the extrovert values, and rarely has there been a society that has preached them so hard. No man is an island, but how John Donne would writhe to hear how often and for what reason, the thought is so tiresomely repeated" (Cain 34). - William Whyte

"[I]nsight occurs when we balance direct engagement in a task with a kind of detached insouciance...[T]he left hemisphere of the brain tries to seek answers in the obvious places...,but sooner than later tires of the problem if it is at all difficult. When one gets away from direct immersion in a problem, the right hemisphere can still be, so to speak, working on the problem in subconscious ways. At some point, and in ways that are not easily traceable, the 'answer' seems to come out of the blue and in surprisingly complete form" (Fullan 26).

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